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Electric Heat Pad

Electric Heat Pad

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Electric Heating Seat Cushion & Warm-Up Blanket for a chair back rest, chair seat, bed, or to place anywhere over the body. Keep warm and stay comfortable.

Enjoy the comfort of warmth anytime, anywhere. Just plug it in!

Product Description: 

Product Name : Physiotherapy Heating Pad 60*30cm Grey
Product Material: Crystal Super Soft Flannel
Product Color: Gray
Rated Power: 75W

Product Gross Weight: 0.42kg
Product Packaging: 9*9*30cm
Single Box Size / Gross Weight: 58*47*32.5cm/13.5kg
Packing Size: Color Box
Product List: Heating Pad + Controller + Manual
Certification: FCC


    Product Features:

    1. Rapid Heating: With Advanced Heating Technology, The Pad Provides a Soothing Heat Release Within 30 Seconds For Rapid Heating And Quick Pain Relief.

    2, 4 Level Timer Settings: Use The Timer To Adjust The Heating Time Between 30.6090.120 Minutes As Needed. The Control Panel With Indicator Light Shows The Actual Time And Temperature.

    3, 9 Gear Heating Control, You Can Adjust The Heat According To Your Own Needs.

    4. Improve Health When Heated: The Therapeutic Pad Can Heat The Body, Relax Muscles, Eliminate Fatigue, Accelerate Blood Circulation, Activate Tissue Cells, Promote Metabolism And Improve Human Immunity.

    5. Whole Body Parts: Suitable For Use On Stomach, Feet, Legs, Arms, Back, Neck, Shoulders, etc.


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