Ideal for Massage

Ointments are also wonderfully effective for massage applications, particularly when targeting areas of tension or discomfort. 

Our ointments may be used instead of oils, providing better, a more durable glide, without the mess. Here are a few scenarios where one of our ointments might be preferred for massage:

  1. Muscle and Joint Pain: Our Herbal Ointment is formulated with therapeutic ingredients such as our Aroma Extracts formulas, and Essential Oils, because their soothing benefits are excellent for massaging sore muscles and joints. The thicker consistency allows for a more prolonged massage, which can help deepen the relief experienced by penetrating the affected areas effectively.
  2. Circulation Enhancement: Massaging with any of our ointments can improve circulation, especially in areas that feel cold or are prone to poor circulation, like the feet and hands. The protective layer formed by the ointment helps in trapping heat generated by the massage, enhancing the circulation-boosting effects.
  3. Dry Skin Relief: For areas prone to extreme dryness, using an ointment during massage can provide intense moisture and hydration. The occlusive nature of ointments means they are particularly good at locking in moisture and healing cracked or rough patches on the skin.
  4. Relaxation, Pain and Stress Relief: The act of massage itself is relaxing, and when combined with our Ultimate Relief Ointment which includes our unique blend of anti-inflammatory aroma extracts, it can significantly enhance the calming effects. The smooth glide of an ointment also makes the massage experience more soothing and enjoyable.

Incorporating ointments into massage routines not only boosts the therapeutic benefits but also adds an extra layer of moisture, making them an excellent choice for both professional and at-home massage settings