Psychodermatology is a field of medicine that explores the connection between your mind and your skin. It looks at how emotional and psychological stress can affect skin conditions, causing or worsening problems like eczema, acne, or psoriasis. Essentially, it recognizes that to truly heal or improve your skin, both your mental well-being and physical skin care need to be addressed together.


Our products are designed with the principles of psychodermatology in mind, utilising uniquely enhanced natural ingredients that not only nourish the skin but also help to improve your mood.

By incorporating nutrients that are essential for skin health along with natural aroma oil extracts, our products foster an environment of stress reduction, happiness, joy, and peace. You will feel the difference!

Our aroma oils and extracts are specially selected not just for their pleasant scents, but for their ability to positively influence emotions, promoting a harmonious link between mind and body. This carefully crafted combination addresses the complex interactions of mind-body health, leveraging the power of natural ingredients to support both psychological well-being and skin vitality.


Our products are at the forefront of psychodermatology, featuring our advanced B11 Micro-Technology that optimises the use of natural ingredients. This innovative technology allows us to harness the full potential of nature's offerings in ultra-low dosages, ensuring maximum efficacy without overwhelming the skin.

By integrating essential nutrients and specially processed aroma oil extracts, our formulations not only nourish the skin but also significantly enhance mood, promoting feelings such as stress reduction and peace. This strategic use of B11 Micro-Technology underlines our commitment to linking mind-body health through the most effective and gentle means provided by nature.