Collection: Health, Naturally

We have formulated the products listed in this Health category to introduce you to the joy of real solutions to problematic health issues.

You can confidently shop knowing our product ingredients are truly clean, pure and natural. Included in our products, we offer you the options of:

  • The wondrous capacity of indigenous Cape Fynbos.
  • The ancient traditions of African Cultural Medicine.
  • The power of Essential Oil combinations.

Top of the list for many people is the need to manage and resolve pain. Take heart! These products truly do work exactly as stated - they support your body to resolve problems such as:

  • Itches, bites, and stings relief.
  • Dry skin relief.
  • Instant relief from minor burns and scalds - apply immediately and expect no blisters!
  • Soothing and calming for rashes and irritation.
  • Skin barrier protection for baby, and for the whole family.

If, like us, you prefer to heal your body rather than take medications endlessly, then please browse through these products. In each product's description, we explain why it can help you, so that you may find relief.